Postal Worker Rented a Storage Unit to Hide Mail Because He Felt ‘Pressured’ to Deliver It

A postal worker, named Jason Delacruz, was caught with a public storage unit full of mail he never delivered. He worked as a mail carrier in Chesapeake, Virginia.

We are often told that we must love what we do, because if we do not like or love our job and we do not do it with purpose, we may not do it well. 

As a mail carrier, this man was supposed to deliver mail to recipients, but Delacruz decided to do otherwise, and not deliver all the mail. He was feeling overwhelmed and pressured delivering mail that he decided to hide them. He said that he could not “make time” to complete the mail route that he had.  

The United states postal worker prefered to rent a public storage unit for $49 per month to store mail he did not deliver instead of doing what he was meant to do, deliver every mail to its recipient. He may have forgotten how important the mail he simply decided to hide can be. Anyone could be waiting for a mail but this man thinks that he can decide which mail to deliver and which one to hide, regardless if it was urgent and important or not. 

According to court document, this lazy man said that he did that because he felt “pressured’’, and because he could not “make time” to deliver all the mail he had to distribute. Hiding the mail or not doing his job properly is not going to help him feel better, it is not a solution for burnout or any other kind of mental illness. He did not think that this non responsible decision could make the situation worse afterwards or that he will get fired because of that. 

When he was asked about the reason why he rented the public storage unit for $49, the employee said that he did that for “the sole purpose of storing mail he could not deliver”, like no one has a problem with that. 

According to the court records, the postal worker hid a part of the mail three months before renting the storage unit. He was hiding the mail from November 2019 and rented the unit in February 2019 because he did not have enough room where he could hide all the mail he decided to not deliver on time. 

He did not feel bad about what he did during all that time and he did not change his mind to become a good person again and to deliver all the mail he hided or stop hiding more pieces of mail.

Three months after he rented the public storage unit, he was discovered (precisely in May 2019). There are six months where he was unable to deliver all the mail. As shown on the photos of the storage unit, there was a huge quantity of mail that has not been delivered. He pleaded guilty in August 2019.

This not responsible man said that he intended to deliver all the mail he hided later on, but he could not do this because of lack of time. It makes sense, if he could not deliver it when he was supposed to do so because he did not have time to complete the mail route, he won’t find time to deliver it later because the quantity of mail remains  the same and he could not deliver all the mail every day, this means that the hidden mails will increase every single day. Well, this was a nice move from the man to defend himself, but the police did not take that into consideration. He also added that he never destroyed any of the mail he hid, or threw any of them away.

Agents from the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General went to visit the public storage unit that was rented by the postal worker in Virginia Beach. They discovered about 5000 pieces of mail there, that is a lot!

Among these 5000 pieces of mail, they found 97 pieces of first-class mail such as letters from the IRS, the Department of Motor Vehicles, bank statements, documents from insurance companies, and other tax return documents. We all know how important these documents are, and not receiving them may cause problems to their recipients later. The major part of the mail was about ads, more than 4700 advertisements at that, and 115 pieces of that mail were magazine and other publications. There was also one undelivered package found in the unit. 

The postal service started after that by delivering the first class mail, because they are important and should be seen by their recipients as soon as sent, in this case discovered, and the ads were ignored because they were old when they were found in May 2019, at least ads are not as important as other documents and pieces of mail like the first class mail.

No one can deny that postal workers go through crazy things every day, such as carrying packages that are bigger than them, or driving and working in difficult weather conditions, but this does not allow them to make important decisions like the one made by this lazy worker. It was his job and he was paid to do his work.

When he was contacted by the press, during the same week he was discovered, his lawyer told a news company that Delacruz can not comment at that time.

Even if the postal worker was feeling “pressured” as he said, this is not a convincing reason which can push him to hide the mail and not deliver them to their recipients, that is bad! He could tell his employer that he can not find enough time to complete the mail route, or that he can not support anymore all the work that he had to do every day. He could ask for a break to take some rest and get back to work after being ready to do it as it is supposed to be done, without trying to work around it.

There is so much alternatives he could do, it would be better than being fired, because yes, this man doesn’t work for the Postal Service anymore. Dave Partenheimer, who is the United States Postal Service public relations manager said : “The employee no longer works for the Postal Service” and that  “He resigned in 2019 and he worked for 14 months prior to his resignation” 

According to federal law, Delacruz could face a fine or enter prison for up to five years.

While this lazy man decided to do this, there were a lot of other people who wanted the same job this man had but did not get a chance to become a postal workers, he would have simply decided to leave his job and make room for another person who will do the job properly. He is today facing problems and I don’t think that he will have another chance to get another job somewhere else.