Daycare Worker Was Caught Breaking The Legs Of 4 Different Toddlers In The Same Day

A childcare worker has been charged with child neglect after four 1-year-old boys were injured in her care on the same day. 

The four boys, who were aged between 13 and 21 months were all healthy in the morning when they were dropped off at the Kids Discovery Learning Center in Valparaiso, Florida. 

“Upon returning to pick them up in the afternoon, the children were showing signs of distress and could not stand or walk”, according to the report. The parents felt that their kids were not good, and that they were injured, and when the four boys were examined, it has been found that they all had fractured legs. The parents were all shocked knowing this news because for them their children were fine all day in the daycare center.

Searching the surveillance footage, they saw a worker who came and  “rapidly jerked” one of the kids by the arms, and dropping him first into a wagon. So at least one of them was saved from a fracture.

‘When (he) was picked up, his feet and legs were in the air and was dropped feet first into a wagon. Other children were placed in the wagon and it was pulled outside,’ reported the News Herald. When the same child woke up from a nap inside a wagon, he felt that he was not able to put weight on his legs.

The surveillance footage also shows that Curtis was walking with one of the four boys while holding his hands above his head. This daycare worker does not seem as a caring person, no one knows how she was accepted to do this job.

This woman was paid to take care of the kids during all the day, from the moment they were dropped off at the center to the time when they were picked up from there. If she could not make sure the kids stay well or if she felt that his job is too much for her, she could quit her job and look for another one with missions that she can perform. She was not obliged or forced to stay there. The kids did nothing bad to live this bad experience at this age, it could negatively affect their health and impact their whole life. 

Accidents do happen but having four toddlers in her care break legs in only one day, this shows that this woman did not take care of them, it is clear that she was not attentive enough to protect them from all harm that can possibly happen.

Christina Marie Curtis, 25, of Fort Walton Beach, was arrested on July 20 for this incident, she was charged with four felony counts of neglect of the four toddlers that resulted in great bodily harm, it is not easy to have fractured legs at this age of growth and development of their bodies.

It is not easy for the parents to receive such news and accept this reality. If they did not trust this woman they would not have left their children there. If Christina loved his job and was responsible about it, she would take care of the kids as she was supposed to do, she gets paid for that, it is not a favor that she does for free.

The woman is now prohibited from seeing or staying with children without supervision. She was released after posting $4,000 bond.

The arrest report said : “The defendant denied knowing how the injuries occurred and believed they could have happened either at home or in the playground,” it also said : “She has observed several children fall out of playground cars or other items.”

One of the mothers of the injured kids mentioned that his son has shown other signs of neglect, like having “dirt all in his hair” when she picked him up from the daycare center. 

This shows that the daycare worker did not take care of them as expected. Terika Graham told the press that when she arrived in the morning to the center, she told Curtis to keep his child inside, and do not let him to go out or play in the garden, but having dirt in his hair means that Christina did not respect the mother’s instructions. The mother thinks that Curtis may have let him play outside.

Graham’s son was suffering from a hairline fracture but his injuries were not as bad as the other children’s injuries

It is crazy how this woman could let the kids playing without taking care of them or paying attention to what they do, they were under her responsibility and she should have done a minimum of efforts to make sure the kids stay healthy. What was shown was only the physical harm, without seeing what was going on in the center before this woman was arrested.

Kids Discovery Learning Center did not accept to comment about the incident, and Christina Marie Curtis was released after posting $4,000 bond.

Another teacher in the Kids Discovery Learning Center asked Curtis to contact  the center’s front desk and tell them that the kids were not able to stand and that they had difficulties to walk but she did not tell them until the parents came to pick up their children and then they noticed that the toddlers were not well.

Any person who have children will feel that the fact of not being attentive to this point can not be accepted especially in a daycare center where the kids are supposed to be safe and stay fine as if they were with their loved ones, not having fractured legs by the end of the day. Parents won’t let their kids in the center if they had feel a risk or that their children may be injured. Besides being a daycare worker, this woman is a human being, and I do not think that there are people around the world that could not give minimum of attention to kids when they are around or watching them being harmed without helping them, that is crazy!

Quitting her job and looking for another one with less responsibilities was certainly going to be better than being fired, posting $4000 bond, and not having the possibility to work for any child facilities or schools anymore.