Construction Worker Spends Nightly In Subway To Use Free Wi-Fi And Talk To His Family!

Being attached to his family has no limitations, no matter what the situation is, anyone can find a way to take care of his loved ones and keep in touch with them, even if he doesn’t have enough time, or doesn’t have a lot of money.

This hard-working man is a Chinese migrant worker named Ge Yuanzheng. He hailed from central Henan province and he moved to the eastern China metropolis and had to work as a construction worker in Shanghai. 

Having this job also means that he wasn’t paid enough to have a personal internet connection, this is why he walks to a subway station every night so he could use the free wifi and talk to his wife and children to feel close to each other, even if the father is far away from them.

“I don’t want to spend money, but I miss home and want to talk to my family,” said Ge.

He earns 200-300 yuan a day (US $30-45), which is not enough to do whatever he needs and wants, especially because he sends money to his family and have to save money for them.

Because of his limited income, the Chinese migrant worker couldn’t afford a mobile data subscription that will allow him to call his loved ones whenever he wants, and from where he was living, to reduce fatigue and to be comfortable talking to his wife and children, but He didn’t care about all of that, all that was mattering to him is being able to talk to them without throwing money away. Moreover, Ge mentioned that when he was in the local subway station, he was sitting in warmth and comfort while talking to his family, he didn’t feel any lack of comfort doing so.

To Ge, paying for a monthly data package means throwing money away because he could benefit from a perfect internet connection for free if he walks to the subway station every night, which allows him to call his wife, tell her that his loves her, and make sure that everything is going well with his little family. 

The thrifty man moved from central Henan province to the eastern China metropolis and has been working as a construction worker in Shanghai to earn money to take care of his family members and to be able to satisfy their basic needs, such as food, household expenses, and costs of his younger child’s education.

He was living with his workmates in a dormitory because of having a very tight budget, and he was not ready to spend a large part of his income to live in a better place.  

During the three months he lived in Shanghai, he couldn’t waste his money to visit any of the famous attractions of Paris of the East, he would rather save everything that he has and his hard-earned cash for his family than wasting it on anything. He tries to limit his expenses as much as he can to save money for his family. 

He walked to the local subway station every night, where he crouches and made a video call with his wife and his two children.

Ge Yuanzheng and his wife have two children: a daughter who studies to become a nurse (the annual cost of her education is approximately 30000 yuan or $4,646), and a son who is actually working.

He moved to Shanghai in October, and from then, he walked every night to the subway station, after a long day of hard work, no matter how the weather was, to make sure he sees his family, and to be sure that they are fine and that they are doing well and had a good day, this helped him to feel reassured before going to where he lived.

We can clearly understand that neither lack of money nor the harshness of life can stop a person from loving and taking care of the ones that he loves and cares about and that everything else is just excuses that we create to avoid the feeling of being cruel and bad for not taking care of the closest people to our heart. 

However, this doesn’t mean that we are obliged to dedicate a lot of time to keep in touch with our loved ones, simply because we normally have other priorities and things to deal with in our life, such as work, studies, or other commitments that require our time, energy, and attention, too! We can create a kind of balance to give each part what it deserves.

He often called his wife from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

One of the days he was calling his family, a passer-by took a photo of him and shared it on the internet. The post went viral and attracted the sympathy of internet users who expressed their pity for this hard-working father. 

Uploading one photo of this caring man on the internet, sitting on the ground and talking to his family, attracted people’s interest in social media.

This is how this Chinese migrant worker has become the latest social media star for the unique reason that he took advantage of the free Wifi at the local subway station in Shanghai to make a video call with his family in Henan province in central China, and talk to them every day after work before going to the dormitory where he was living with his workmates.

When Ge’s wife saw the image for the first time, she was upset because she had no idea of what her husband did just to talk to her and their children, that he walked every night in the city to the subway station just to keep in touch with them and tell her that he loves her, but Ge explained to her that he was doing well, and he was feeling exhilarated and very happy to talk to them no matter where and how he was sitting. The wife also revealed that she had been “stealing” the neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection in Henan province in central China to talk to her husband, because they couldn’t afford a data subscription too, so using the neighbor’s wifi was helpful.

Ge is planning to go to Henan for the Chinese new year, visit his wife and children and give his wife a new phone.

This is one of the multiple examples of caring people who are ready to do whatever it takes to give love and attention to the ones they truly care about. We all have this kind of person in our lives and we must feel grateful for having them by our side, giving us the energy to move forward in life.