Amazon Delivery Worker Caught on Video Spitting on Package

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, an Amazon delivery man was caught on a ring doorbell camera spitting on a package. The video shows the driver spitting on the package, not only that, but also smearing the spit with his hand on the top of it after dropping it off in the front of the recipient’s house.

This horrible incident happened at a duplex residence in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California. The delivery man is supposed to protect the package because this improves the quality of his service and the service of the company that he works at, to have a salary that allows him to satisfy his needs, but this guy had another opinion!

“It’s horrifying… It’s upsetting,” said the recipient, Tammy Minoff;  “They were warning us to be careful with packages. The proof is in the pudding seeing that video and they all wanted us to be warned and be on the lookout,” he added. 

The video shows the terrible scene of the driver doing his awful act, it happened around 6:00 PM on Thursday, at a duplex residence in Hancock Park, Los Angeles.

If you have seen the video, you will notice that the delivery man had put the package on the ground, bends over it and appears spitting on it and wiping the spit on top of the package using his hand, while more saliva is falling out of his mouth. What a disgusting scene! No one will enjoy watching this video. After that, he took a photo of the package to confirm delivery like nothing bad just happened.

While doing this awful act, the delivery man had not thought there will be a ring doorbell camera capturing everything that happens in front of the door, but it actually was. What may be funny is that it was an Amazon Ring device!

What prompted Tammy to check the camera is that he noticed that the package was wet, he thought a dog has urinated on it when passing by, so he decided to see the ring doorbell camera video and was disgusted when he saw what happened to the package he just touched with his hands and that is in his home, the residents disinfected themselves and contacted the police, because like every other person in a similar situation, he was shocked and afraid of what may happen after this.

Tammy’s friend contacted Amazon to tell them about what happened, and a customer service representative watched the video with them, he was horrified too, especially because the delivery man was not a young man, he seemed mature enough to not do a similar act and there was nothing pushing him to do so.

The delivery driver was from a third party service, according the the representative, and he was reported so he can lose his job with the company. 

“This is clearly not representative of drivers who deliver for Amazon and the care they take for customers around the world every day. We are aggressively investigating to understand what may have occurred in this situation. If it truly was a malicious act by the driver, we will be sure he is held accountable, up through and including law enforcement action.” This was a part of the statement issued by the  company after receiving the video and photos of the package with the mark of spit on it.

The Hancock Park resident wanted the driver to be tested for Covid-19 and said that Amazon called him and gave him $50 credit and that the driver no longer works as delivery driver at the American multinational conglomerate technology company.

Tammy was glad that his friend and neighbor, named Marcus Martinez posted the video on social media to warn people, and show them how ordering something online during this period can be dangerous to them and their loved ones, especially if they don’t disinfect what they receive. Marcus posted the video first on Instagram and Twitter, and then the video was shared by other internet users to other social media platforms, such as facebook and youtube. This incident got media attention as soon as the video was published, especially during this period of time where every person around the world is social distancing, and we should all be focused on proper hygiene to limit the spread of the virus. 

We can not even imagine how was the reaction of people living in the same neighborhood and that received a package from Amazon the same day.

The video went viral on social media : “I received the box and saw a big wet spot and then checked the camera!” wrote Marcus Martinez

Whether during this period or not, this should not happen, it is a sign of disrespect towards the company and the customer, and also towards himself because a normal and a good person cannot do the same thing. Let’s suppose that he is not affected by Covid-19, who knows if this man has other contagious diseases? 

“I hope it’s really taken seriously by Amazon and everybody in charge. It’s serious,” said Tammy Minoff. 

Amazon confirmed that this man is no longer delivering Amazon packages, according to a spokesman.

Another dreadful incident happened during the same week, when a woman, named Margaret Cirko, had coughed all over the fresh products (meats and bakery products) that are worth $35,000, at a grocery store in Pennsylvania. The supermarket managers and workers were forced to throw everything away and to do a total disinfection to the store. She went to the store and threatened people working there assuming she was sick.

“Margaret Cirko has been charged with felony counts of terrorist threats, threats to use a “biological agent’ and criminal mischief.” according to KOMONEWS. The woman was also charged with misdemeanor counts of criminal attempt to commit retail theft and disorderly conduct.

Is this a new form of craziness or a mental disease ?  Or maybe the negative side of quarantine ? 

Federal law enforcement’s mentioned that every person who intentionally spread COVID-19 may support terrorism charges.

This incident and those that are similar to it encouraged people to pay more attention to what they receive and what they touch, and pushed them to observe necessary safety measures to prevent the spread of the highly infectious virus, Covid-19.

The situation that the entire world is going through is actually very hard, and we are all in this together, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves by taking the social distancing measures, to protect our family members, our neighbors, to protect the world. Every person today is aware of that, and we are all doing our best to move forward from this hard situation, so we will all be against anyone who has the intention to harm others, because this concerns all human beings, no matter what their origins or beliefs are, we all speak one language: PEACE!